Does your church have a great website? 

My guess is that your church has a website.  The majority of websites I see for churches are horrible.  You not only need a website, but you need a great one.  Why?  Because it is the new front door to your church.  People used to walk through the doors to discover what a church is like.  Now they google it.  Is your church set up in a way that attracts people when they come to your churches website?

Here are 5 ways to make your website great:

1. Build it right.   Unless you are a programmer stay away from coding your site with dreamweaver or some other web design program.  Go with wordpress.  Here is a post can help you set up a site with wordpress in 10 simple steps.  Once you have a wordpress site, get a great theme.  I recommend some from elegant themes.  If you need help please message me and I will walk you through this.

2. Give multiple people control.  With wordpress you can set up multiple users.  This is a great way to let the staff member of your church “own” their page for ministry.

3. If you don’t have time, buy a site.   A great website is clover.  They make amazing sites.  Another great place to get a website built  is church os.

4. Use social media.   Build social media into it.  Use a facebook page, or group.  Get your youth pastor to send out tweets of what is going on.  Use this to make your website dynamic.  Stay away from being an old school way of communicating.  People come to a website to get to know you.

5. Constantly change.   Before you know it your website is out of date.  You need to constantly be updating it and tweaking the site.  People know if things don’t change for a year.

Does your church have a ok, good, or great website? 

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