Does your church need an app?   Think about that for a second.
I am guessing your initial response is, “awesome”, or “YES!”.  An iphone app for a church is a great idea that is a certain size.  I think if you are in a mega church then it would be great to have.  It feels like the twitter world has been excited that Roar is giving out 1000 free apps!

Great,  another thing for churches to use incorrectly! 

Here is a question: Does your youth ministry need an app?  I doubt it does and here is why.  To get a teenager to download an iphone/android app could be next to impossible.  I have a friend who built an app.  It is a great app.  Good luck trying to find his app among 500 million other apps.

Next question: Do you have any church/christian organization apps?  I used to have a resurgence app.  It was horrible, so I deleted it.  I still go to resurgence’s site because they have great content.  I really don’t have tons of Christian apps.  I have a bible, and a greek/hebrew lexicon.  Simple!

Texting is still king

I still think that texting is the way to communicate directly to teenagers.  Here is one infographic is that staggering at how college students are actually using their cellphone.  Develop a strategy for texting your students.  It will be worth more than creating an app.

Optimize what you are already using

My guess is that your church and your youth ministry has a facebook group/page, a website, a texting program, and a twitter account.  That is a lot of stuff to manage.  People have full time jobs managing companies accounts.  Optimize your facebook account, and get out side of your office and hang out with your students.


What do you think?  Could your church use an iphone app? 

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