I love using Evernote.  As you can see in my post, “A Program To Help You Stay Organized:Evernote” and ” “.  Evernote is a great tool that can help anyone, but I personally think it can really help Youth Pastors stay organized.  Do you want to be organized? Lets get started.


Everything you grap, clip, or email to Evernote should be organized into notebooks.


Step 1: 

Click on the bottom of the page.  The notebook becomes the main file that all your notes will be filed under.


Step 2: Create a Note.  As you can see below the new note was filed under the notebook, Youth Ministry Media.



Step 3: Tags

Once you create a notebook and a note, make sure to tag the note.  You could tag it so that you could search it in your Evernote account in the future.


That is the first step in Evernote. Congratulations!  This is really the easy part.  It just takes a bit of playing around with.  You will get used to it and you will love what this program can do for you and for your Youth Ministry.


Are  you using Evernote?  What do you think about the program? 


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