We are constantly on the lookout for great youth ministry resources.

Three years ago while planning out the fall, I created a template that we use for fall planning and the idea was born to created a series of printable things to help you in youth ministry, this is why we created the printable youth pastor series.  It’s all about printable resources that are made by youth pastors for youth ministry.   I am quite particular when it comes to planning out the calendar.  I like having the whole year calendar in front of me, and every year I invest in a neu year calendar for the wall (They make the best looking year calendars.).

Here are some resources that will help you plan out your youth ministry like a pro.  These are calendars that will help you plan out a ministry season, a month, or organize your weekly schedule.  I like to think of all these resources as guides to help you do what you are called to do.

I hope that these resources are helpful.  I am constantly humbled that youth pastors are downloading them and using them.  Last fall I was checking out a friends instagram feed and saw that he was using one of the planning calendars in a board meeting.  This is why youth ministry media exists.  To help you!

Here are the 2017/2018 printable youth pastor resources: 

Fall 2017 Youth Ministry Planning Calendar: Click Here.


Winter/Spring 2017 Youth Ministry Planning Calendar: Click Here.


Spring 2017 Youth Ministry Planning Calendar: Click Here.


September 2017: Download Here

October 2017: Download Here

November 2017: Download Here

December 2017: Download Here

January 2018: Download Here

February 2018: Download Here

March 2018: Download Here

April 2018: Download Here

May 2018: Download Here

June 2018: Download Here

July 2018: Download Here

August 2018: Download Here


A weekly print off  (Click here to download)

Preaching Series Template: Download Here

Preaching Series Template Weekly: Here






  • Christopher Jackson

    Is anyone else having trouble getting the link for March to work?

    • Juan Benito

      Yes, I have not been able to get it to work either

    • Juan Benito

      If you go up to the address bar for february and delete february and type in March and click Enter it works. The address is valid, the link must not be working right.

      • Christopher Jackson

        it worked! Thanks!