How do you transition moments in your youth ministry?  

One of the easiest ways to transition things is to use countdown clocks.  All they really do is cue people’s attention, and prepare them for whats next.  I use countdown clocks a lot in my ministry.  We use it to start the night, to space out a breaker game, to get students attention before worship, and to transition before a talk.

We have tons of different countdown clocks in the store.  Why do we use them?  Because they work.  It helps our student focus on what’s next.  It helps space out the time.   It helps transition moments in my youth ministry.

Here is the free item of the week:  

It’s a 60 second countdown clock for your youth ministry.

Using a countdown clock is a simple way to focus and prepare students attention to what is next.  We use this each week and will play music as a pump up.

The file is a mp4 format and will play in any worship software.

Download the free slow motion countdown clock here

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