Last week, we played an awesome game that was a huge hit in our youth ministry and we wanted to share it with you!

This past week we asked for leaders to give one answer to a question, and then we made up two responses.  One response was real, and another was made up.  Every student had to go to either side of the room to vote.  We labeled one side A and the other side B.  At the end of 9 rounds there were two students.

It was an awesome game that got 100 kids involved in the main room.  To get everyone to play in a game is a huge win for us, and that is why we wanted to share this with you.

We have included a free leaders trivia template for you to download and play with your group.  Download it and add your leader’s info to the slides.  Say you created it when your students love it.

Here is what you get:

The game includes 1 Main Image, 1 Background Image, a Keynote Presentation, and a Powerpoint Presentation. 

 DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE (Leaders Trivia Template)

If you want to check out more games please check out


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