What organizational tools do you use for youth ministry? 

This weeks freebies help you stay organized this year.  What other organizational tools do you use for youth ministry?

Event Checklist from Youthmin.org 

I love this event checklist from youthmin!  They had a calendar on their website this past week which was free.


Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 12.53.23 PM



January Calendar

Every month I release a calendar from smashing magazine.  I love their calendars!  Print one off and put it up somewhere, or use it as a desktop background.

with calendar: 1280×7201280×8001366×7681440×9001600×900,1680×10501920×10801920×1200


Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 3.36.25 PM


Have a productive January! 

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