Our Youth Ministry Planning Calendar is back!

You asked for it and we have updated the Planning calendar for the 2014/2015 youth ministry calendar.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.37.47 PM

Here are a few things we love about this youth ministry planning calendar.

1. Planning at a glance. I love being able to plan things over the whole year.  With this calendar you are able to plan monthly, or look over the whole year.

2. Make a to-do.  I love being able to check things off.  There is something about checking or crossing something off your list that is just refreshing.  I love this calendar because you can make a list for the month and check it off.

3. Monthly calendars are coming next week!  All of our monthly calendars that we plan are coming next week.  We are also working on a preaching series template that will go live soon.  So, keep checking back for more freebies.

Fall 2014 Planning Calendar

Click HERE to download the Fall 2014 Planning Calendar.

Spring 2015 Planning Calendar

Click HERE to download the Spring 2015 Planning Calendar.

Spring/Summer 2015 Planning Calendar

Click HERE to download the Spring/Summer 2015 Planning Calendar.

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