Do you love free resources?  

I love it when people write material and then give it away for free.  It is great when other bloggers write ebooks, and then give them away.  I think this is the best way for youth workers to contribue to the current youth ministry talk.  I posted a few articles in the past on why I think it is important that you self publish.  Here is that post,  Why you should publish!, and another one,  Where are all the youth pastors?.  With that said here are 3 great resources for you.

1. Effective Blogging by Seventy 8 Productions.  If you want to jump into the youth ministry conversation you need to set up a website/blog.  This is one fantastic ebook that will help you do that.  It is free, and all you have to do is like their facebook page.  Go check it out!

2.   5 Ways to Communicate Effectively in a Digital World by Youth Ministry Media.   This was the first ebook that we created and it has helped over 400 youth workers.  All you need to do is sign up to the email list.  This ebook is a great starting place for youth workers wondering how to communicate in a digital world.  I am currently working on 2 more ebooks.  

3. Youth Ministry Handbook for Youth Leaders by Russ Canto.  Here is the write up from Life in Student Ministry, “Russ Canto is the youth pastor at Prescott Evangelical Church in Modesto, CA, and sent me his very thorough Student Ministries Manual to share with you all. And thankfully, he’s giving all of you the Word and Pages documents so you can edit and tweak this to work for your own ministry. What a great guy that Russ is, eh? 🙂


What else would you add to that list?  

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