Have you been enjoying the free printable youth pastor material?   You can see all of it at, The Printable Youth Pastor Series .  It has been a blast creating all these free resources that youth pastors will use.  I was a little surprised how many youth pastors nerd out over planning resources!  Eventually, I would love to make a legit youth ministry calendar like Nue Year.

I hope that you are looking at your spring and summer calendar.  I like to pencil everything in at the beginning of the year, and allow room for changes on the fly.  I very rarely have my last few events locked in, because it is always nice to be able to plan something that has purpose for the group and the students that will be in my youth ministry this year.

Here are the planning calendars.  Enjoy!

Download the January calendar here

Download the February calendar here

Download the March calendar here

Download the April calendar here

Download the May calendar here

Download the June calendar here

Download the July calendar here

Download the August calendar here

I hope this year you stay focused, and organized for the glory of God! 

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