Are you looking for new websites for youth ministry resources? 

If you are, you need to check out  Everything on the site is free!

Here are the top 3 things I love on this site: 

1. The free volunteer handbook!    Every summer, we put together a new Volunteer Handbook for the upcoming school year. These handbooks are a guide to our ministry philosophy, the strategy to make it all happen, and the specific roles of volunteers on our team.

2. Make it or break it.   This resource is a super fun video-driven game that encourages lots of crowd interaction. There are 25 short video clips of athletes (skateboarders, bikers, snowboarders…) attempting some pretty cool jumps, flips, and tricks. To play the game, simply play the clips – they’ll pause at the pinnacle of each trick so your students can guess: do they MAKE IT or BREAK IT?

3. Weekly bible reading plan.  Helping students develop the habit of spending regular time with God is a big deal for us. We work at it through our large group teaching, small group discussion, and Faith Skill activities. But the simplest and most effective tool that we’ve developed so far has probably been this Time With God weekly reading plan.


Stuff you can is an awesome website.  Make sure to check it out, or if you have something awesome to share then make sure to email them.  They will share you resource!

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