Are you looking for a video resource for reaching unchurched students?  If you are, then you need to check out alpha’s youth film series(you can find them on facebook here).  A few youth pastors in Vancouver, British Columbia decided to make videos that would engage students into conversations about Jesus.  These videos are amazing, and they shot it all over the world.  Take a look and see if the students in your youth ministry could use this? 


What is it?  

It’s like Nooma meets Departures.  The video series as described on their website states, “Alpha’s Youth Film Series is twelve episodes designed to engage high school students in some of life’s biggest questions. It was filmed all over the world in cities like London, New York, Vancouver, and Jerusalem. It’s Alpha for a new generation.”

Who is it for? 

It’s designed for students in your community who don’t go to your church, or youth ministry.

How could you use it? 

You could run a youth alpha group in your church, home, or in your local school.

We are going to run a group in January in the local high school.  Our hope for this series is to get the students in my youth ministry thinking about where their friends are at spiritually.  We are praying and hoping that students from the local high school come to know Christ, and end up in a church being discipled.


Check out the first episode! 


So, is this something you could use? 

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