I don’t know about you, but I see a ton of students each week around town, at Starbucks, at the church.  I have great looking banners up, a calendar to give out, but a lot of times there needs to be a gift in order to get them to try out the youth ministry for the first time.  Or else the student forgets about the youth ministry that I just invited him/her out to.

This is a mini card template.  You could use this as a business card also.  You can get mini cards at moo.com.  I do all my business cards and mini card through them.  Their paper is high quality so that parents or students won’t just forget about it like some receipt in their pocket.  These cards feel like credit cards.  It’s worth the investment in to an invite card to see a new student connected into the church community.

Here is what’s include: two sided fully editable mini card, youth ministry logo, and the font we used.  Both are fully editable. 

NOTE: You are downloading Illustrator files.  You will need programs that open .ai files to be able to edit the files. 

Download the free resource for one week only here

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