I would love to know the stats on how many youth pastors just hate games.  They hate thinking of them, creating them, and running them.  I have met tons of youth workers across North America that loath games.  My friend over at youthmin.org wrote an article where he talked about the things he wouldn’t miss as he is leaving youth ministry.  On the list of things he wouldn’t miss is games.  Josh states, “Games are dumb, and I believe student ministers could use their time better.”  I agree you need to spend your time in better places this week.

I agree with Josh, the least favourite part of my week is thinking of games, buying stuff for games, and then running the games.  I don’t love games, but I see their role.  It creates a fun environment where students are open to hear about God.  There have been nights where students were amazed that they were actually able to have “that much fun” in church.  If the purpose of a game is to help students connect into your youth ministry, and to have fun, there is nothing wrong with that.

That is why we are giving away a game for free.  

Name that burger is a fun game to play with a crowd.  There are 7 different classic burger slides that you have to guess the answers to.  You can download and put these slides into powerpoint or keynote.  The game is ready to go, all you have to do is download and drag and drop the files into a presentation.

Note: The burger names are on the image slides.

Go and get the game for free here, and save some time this week. 

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