How do you encourage your small groups?

Lately, we have been breaking into our small groups in one large group to play a game.  This is one way to encourage participation, and build the group.  We usually award something as a treat for the whole group to enjoy as a snack.  The groups love doing games like this, and it has been a huge win for our youth ministry.  I love doing things that have a purpose, and playing a fun game that can help build and deepen a small group culture is awesome!

Here is what you get with this weeks freebie: 

Name that movie is a fun game to play with a crowd.  There are 14 different movie slides that you have to guess the answers to.  You can download and put these slides into powerpoint or keynote.  The game is ready to go, or you can modify it.   All you have to do is download and play!


  • 1 Keynote Presentation
  • 1 Power Point Presentation
  • Images for each slide

Note: The movie titles are on the image slides.

What are you waiting for?  Go and get this freebie here

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