How do you interact and influence Gen Z?

What is Gen Z? Gen Z is someone who is born between 1995 and 2010.

Here is an infographic on how this generation cares so deeply about change and individuality. This generation is changing the way we buy things and the way that brands are trying to market.

94% of Gen Z’s said, “being true to myself is important.”

Individuality is key for this generation. They have been raised in a digital era, and their BS meter is on. They filter everything through this authenticity lense. The important thing for this generation is to be real, and to be yourself. The new currency in this generation is uniqueness and authenticity.

This means when you are leading the next generation, they are not looking for someone to follow who is honest and open about their own life. They aren’t looking for heroes, but broken people just like them.

They want to change the culture.

86% are against animal cruelty, 80% are anti-cyberbullying, and 76% are against discrimination. They want something to live for. They are looking for purpose and significance in life.

The church can’t just be a holding tank for when they are “old enough”, we need to empower and equip students to be the change. The church struggles to pass the baton to any generation. Often the church is a gatekeeper, waiting for students to become adults.

Youth ministry today is building a church that is a movement, and not a monument. It helps students understand their calling, and then work it out in their school, all side their peers.

The reason why I am in ministry today isn’t because of an awesome program, it was because an adult saw potential in me, and wanted to see my school reached in new ways by new students. This person took a risk, and at the moment it might not have looked like it paid off, but it did.

Gen Z doesn’t just get a digital culture, they live it.

60% talk to their family and friends about brands. If you want to create digital evangelists, give them something to talk about. Make your posts dynamic and engaging.

Creating dynamic and engaging doesn’t mean trying to be 15. It means speaking into a new generation. Students know who is posting. They know if it’s authentic. They know if you really are happy to see them tonight, or if you just want more numbers. Authentic culture takes time, and it takes work.

Creating something to share from your youth night is crucial. What is the big idea of your talk? What was one incredible moment? How did God show up? How was a prayer answered?

There is so much more in this infographic. Check it out below.

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