What cloud based storage do you use?

I have been using dropbox for the longest time, but recently I have noticed that my 8 GB of dropbox space is full.  So, I recently started to use google drive because of google docs.  I love that the documents are all in the cloud.  I also love that google drive gives you 15GB.  15GBs is enough, but it’s not a ton of storage.  I hate having documents on dropbox, drive, and on my computer.  Couldn’t I just put the files in one place?

So, I was still looking for an cloud based storage option that I could use for the next few years.  I need a ton of storage for a decent price.  This past weekend I heard about OneDrive and how they were giving 100GBs.  That is a lot of storage.  I am not a huge fan of microsoft, but last week they decided to up the ante and give away 100GB of free storage.

I now have 115GBs on my OneDrive account and couldn’t be happier.  I know that I will only have 100GBs for a year, but I think this will fuel the cloud storage wars.  This is great for the consumer.  Go ahead and get your 100GBs of free storage.

All you need to do is:

1. Get a Microsoft OneDrive account. You can create one for free here.

2. Click on this link, and upload a file to your dropbox.

onedrive 100gb of storage for a year for free

3. You now have a 100GB’s of storage.

One of the cool features that I have discovered is the access to Microsoft’s office online.  You will be able to use word, an updated powerpoint, excel, and one note.

You better act fast because they are only giving this to the first 10 million people.  You are getting $24 worth of free cloud based storage for free! 

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