A member that is involved and engaged with their church is 33% more likely to give to the church both financially and with their time.

80% of internet users own a smartphone.

33% of consumers start mobile research with a branded website.

Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites.

71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is core to their business.


What if you could help get your church an app?  What if you could help grow your churches budget this year by 15%?  Doesn’t that sound crazy?

Here are some stats about our mobile generation that we live in.

There is a really great mobile giving app called PushPay.  It’s a simple way for your church to have mobile giving.  But they have added another really cool feature called eChurch.  It’s really the complete package.  You get mobile giving and you get a sweet church app.

This might be the easiest way for your church to build an app.

A few years ago we asked a company about building us an app and the quote was $20,000 for the initial build.  That is ridiculous.  That doesn’t even include the constant updates.

With eChurch you get really awesome app features like:

  • Custom echurch app
  • Mobile giving
  • Video sermons
  • Event registration
  • Podcasts
  • Push notifications
  • Geofencing (beta)

What if you could push notify all the parents in your church about something?  What if you could push notify your whole church for a special event or reminder?  This could be really useful.

I have been trying to sell my staff team and church on this for the past year.  This is the real deal.  I would love to tell first time guests that they can go on the iTunes store and get our app.  I would love that.  That would mean that we are on their device.  The device that they are using all the time.

We live in a mobile world, and our churches need to be on the mobile devices that our people have.  eChurch does this for you simply.

If you want to download some other church apps that are currently using eChurch you can check them out below:


Zoe Church

Woodlands Church

Here is what this app can do for you and your community.  It can help people stay connected and get your church into the community.  Our mobile presence is what our website was 10 years ago.  Everyone needed one, and now the church needs an app.

Think of all the apps you have on your phone?  I have an app for everything, but I don’t have a church app.  I downloaded the mosaic app a few months ago on a trip to Los Angeles, and I have been amazed by the app.  Once the app was downloaded on my phone I had everything that was going on in the church on my phone and I would open it weekly or daily to listen to sermons.

That is the beauty of having an app.  People will have your information on their device all the time.  There is direct access to people in your church and new people that are wanting to come to your church.

Here is how you get your church an app.  Go to eChurch, and request a demo.  Once you have checked it out, make sure to let your lead pastor know about this awesome app.  Then request him a demo.  Once you get a live demonstration, you will want this app.

*note: I am not in any way affiliated with eChurch.  I just love the app and the giving concept.  It really is remarkable, and you should check it out for your church.

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