Do you have goals for your site or youth ministry?

Last year when this site was not going anywhere, I decided to focus and set a few goals.  You can see those goals here.



Goals for 2012

1.  Have 500 facebook follows.  I am on my way with 110.  A sub goal of this is to have 100 people talking about the page or posts per month.  

2. 10,000 hits per month.  I think this is attainable if I do all the other goals.

3. 10,000 twitter followers.  Last year I fell short of my goal to reach 5000.  I through out this crazy number in July, and missed the target 600 .  Not bad at all.  You can read how I got to 4, 300 here.

4. Build my email list to 500.  Currently its at 180.  To be honest I would love to have it over 1,000, but then I would have to pay for my mail chimp account.

5. Write another ebook.  I was going to write one and release it for you on Christmas day, but I was too busy spending time with my awesome family.

6.  Have 100 comments a month.   I love the discussion that has happened on this stie.  I would like for it to continue.

7.  Break into the top 10 of google search for youth ministry.  This is the big one.  I haven’t even cracked the top 100 yet.  Last month I was at 260, and this month I am currently at 150.  Not bad for a months work of search engine optimization.

Those are a few of my goals for the next year.  What are your goals?  



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