It has been awhile since I have posted a goals update.  The last time I posted was in June, and since then I have been reworking everything.  I am enjoying the task of building this website, and seeing other friends striving like Jeremy Smith over at 78p.tv.  So, here it is,  The September 2013 update.

You can check out the post here, Youth Ministry Media’s Goals for 2013.  I love being able to work through a plan, and execute it.  Here are the goals for the year, and I am looking for help to accomplish them!

Here is the update for february:

1.  Have 2000 facebook follows.   

  • Currently 1,246.  1,160.  It is slowly moving along.  I have been actively working with this and taking out ads with strategic content.  It has been awesome.  It’s amazing what you can do with $10 facebook ad.

2. 15,000 hits per month.  

  • In May we it 7,467.  In August we had 8,875 views.  We are getting there.  Progress is slow, and hard work.  We are ready to work hard and build it up.  We are trying to drive traffic with the digital youth ministry podcast.

3. 30,000 twitter followers.   20,000 twitter followers.  

  • Currently at 29,137.   Over the summer we nuked a ton of bots.  Meaning we deleted a lot of fake accounts.  We want our twitter feed to be free of spam, and clutter.  This is just a way of pruning.  We are back at building it back up.

4. Build my email list to 1500. 

  • Currently at 635.   675.  We are going to switch the way we use this email list.  I think we are going to go away from weekly emails, and go with monthly.  Trying new things.

5. Write 2 more ebooks.  I am going to write one ebook called, “31 days to build a better youth ministry”, and another one on using/developing a texting system with digital download.  I am not sure if I will sell these ebooks, or release them for free!  

  • Next ebook to drop in July October, and the other one in September December.

6.   Comment 10 times a week on different blogs.  Done.  This is easy.  I love reading, and I love youth ministry.  This is why I am at your website reading your content.  I love it that I might be one of the few people reading your blog, but I want to cheerlead what you are doing, and that you have joined the conversation.


It is going to be a busy fall.  I need to get back to this website, and work it.

Those are my goals this year! What do you think?  What are the goals for your website? 

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