Do you use google+?
If you are on lets be friends!  Check us out on google+ here.  A year ago a friend Jeremy Smith started to talk about how he used google+.  I honestly thought that it was just a social media graveyard.  I didn’t think anyone used it.  I knew a lot of people with accounts, but no one updated statuses or anything.  I realized quickly that google+ is a social network that is growing fast, and because of that I needed to be on it.
Here are a few things that stand out:
1. Google+ influences search rankings.  This is one reason why you need to be on google+.  Its the only social network that will change your search rankings.
2. Google+ helps your content get indexed quicker.  If you are a blogger, this is another reason why you MUST be on google plus.  You content gets indexed right away.
Are you on google+?  Make sure to add youth ministry media.  What else stands out?  

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