What books would you recommend to a new youth pastor?  What books should you have if you are trying to build a youth ministry library?

One collection I have recently come across on Logos is called: The Youth Ministry And Leadership Collection (20 Vols).

If you don’t use Logos you need to go and check it out right now!  This is the premier program for studying the Bible.  If you can’t afford this, you can easily set up a payment plan to pay it over the course of a year.  I know it sounds expensive.  When I started seminary, I quickly realized how much money I would need to spend on physical sets of commentaries.   I was thankful to find Bible programs that would store all the commentaries on my computer.

What I love about The Youth Ministry And Leadership Collection is that you can use and access these books from anywhere on your iPad or iPhone.  It is worth it while training leaders.  I love these authors heart for God and for ministry.

Here is what is included in this bundle! 

 What books would you recommend to a new youth pastor starting out?

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