Here is another awesome infographic.  This is talking about how kids are growing up in a digital world.  The students I work with are almost only living in a digital world of selfies, and likes.  It is changing the way a generation connects with each other.   Here are a few things that stand out:

1. 10% of teens say that social media makes them more depressed.  This is a staggering stat.  Technology isn’t supposed to replace relationships, but for a lot of teenagers today they are replacing the real relationship with a digital one.  Teenagers are building identities in a digital world on likes, and follows.  They are more likely to be unhappy in a digital world.  

2. 51% of teens have been bullied online.  This stat gets me every time.  I wish more parents were filtering the content of their kids.  This is one stat that needs to change.

I had a student recently that was being bullied and he posted what the bully said for the whole world to see.  It was pretty humbling, and shocking what people are comfortable to say to each other when there isn’t a consequence.

3.  72% closely monitor their students behaviour.  This really encourages us.  We need to see more parents involved, and connected to what their students are doing online.  This will always be something that the parents will be playing catch up on.  This is where the youth worker can bridge the gap, and help the parent navigate the digital world.

 What else stands out to you?  Please leave a comment below.  


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