I love being able to know all the sizes of how to post different social media items online.

How many different accounts do you post to?   Are you posting in multiple accounts with multiple users?

A few weeks ago, I was posting on the Facebook page for youth ministry media and I noticed that each post was getting a third of the views that it would usually get.  I started to look into it, and I realized that the program I used with this blog was resizing the image weird, and the Facebook was posting only as text.  I quickly ditched that program and picked up a program called co schedule and my posts are back to where they need to be.

One thing that I noticed during this glitch on this website was that images are king in the social media world.  People need to see everything before they click.  That is probably why instagram is just killing it right now.  To make sure that you are getting the most out of your messages, you need to make sure that the images attached to your posts are the right size.

Below is an infographic called, “The Unofficial Guide to Facebook’s New News Feed Image Sizes”.



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