There is no doubt that technology is changing the culture and the way people living out their faith.  The real question is how is it changing our faith?

The barna group has some some excellent research on this topic.  They came up with this infographic called: Top 4 Ways Millennials Are Integrating Technology And Faith.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

Here are some observations that stand out to me: 

1. Millennials are spiritually hungry. 31% of all millennials watch online videos about faith and spiritually. 30% of all millennials search for spiritual content online.  These two stats show me that millennials, and the generations below them are hungry.  They are hungry for something more.  They want to live a life that matters, that has meaning.

All you need to do is point them to Jesus.  There is a ton of awesome Christian content out there.  All you have to do is share it.  Share it on your Facebook page, instagram account, and twitter account.  One awesome place to get some great christian content is videos for student ministry.  Millennials are hungry for it, so why not share the content.  They will most likely watch it.

A few weeks ago, I preached at my church.  I was talking with someone on the phone who wasn’t a christian and they asked who I was speaking to.  I asked the person what they meant?  He said, in the videos you were in on Facebook.  I totally forgot that my sermon was recorded and posted online.

Millennials are hungry for something more.  Something with meaning.  They are searching for spiritual content.

2. Your website matters.  34% of all millennials check out a churches website.  The website is your new front door.  10 years ago people would just show up, but today, people check out the website.  Your website is crucial.  I think your church and youth ministry website might be one of the most important ways to communicate to a broad base.

About 3 months ago, a family showed up at my church.  We welcomed them, and then invited to over to our house for lunch after the service.  While talking over lunch, the dad stated that the website was what lured him to the church.  He said that the graphics resonated with him.  He shared how the images showed we cared about the community, and about not being “old school”.  I forget all the time how important our churches website is.

3. Millennials are giving via text or online.  18% of millennials are giving either by text or online.  Money is out there, all you need to do is cast vision.  I think that sometimes we are afraid to try new ways to give because the church has always struggled with change.

I love the idea of giving via text message, and this is something our team is wrestling with in our student ministry.  We are wondering if once a month we offer a time to text in support in an act of worship.  Tim Keller states, “Everybody worships. The only choice we get is what to worship.”  We are all worshipping something, this is a way each month where we could show students how to give.  It could be $5, $10, or $15.  Do you do this?  Have you ever gave via text?  Would this work for students in your youth ministry?

Millennials are not going to give in traditional ways.   We need to adapt and expand the ways we help people worship God with everything.

Those are some observations.  What else stands out from the infographic called, Top 4 Ways Millennials Are Integrating Technology And Faith? 


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