There’s a ton of youth ministry websites that offer fantastic tools to help youth
ministers develop themselves, and their ministries, for the better. These websites also
have multiple contributors who write for them. If you’ve ever wanted to be a writing
contributor, it’s actually a lot easier than you think. Here are five tips to follow to get you
started on your writing career!

1. Subscribe to multiple websites. The website you write for should be ones you
actually go to on a regular basis. Site managers like having contributors who
enjoy the content they put out. At the same time, you should want to write for
them too. As an added bonus, the more sites you subscribe too, the more
ministry information you get to help develop yourself.
2. Connect on Facebook. Websites usually have Facebook groups where you can
connect with the website manager. Be a part of these groups and participate in
group discussions. The more you participate, the more opportunities you provide
for the website manager to get to know you. Finally, a topic will come up that
produces an idea for a new post, and sometimes if you suggest the discussion
topic would make for a good post, the website manager may ask you to write it,
since they already have a feel for who you are.

3. Write comments and share articles. When an article is posted, write a comment.
This also gives you another way to connect with the website manager. If you
don’t have anything to say, but think it’s a good post, just write “Good post.” At
the same time, share the post on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. This generates
traffic for the website mangers, which they like, and they like people who
generate traffic for them.
4. Keep your eyes open. As a website grows, it becomes harder for website mangers
to keep producing more content on a regular basis. When this happens, they’ll
usually put out an open invitation through their email subscribers. When this
happens, respond to the email. Sometimes there will be criteria you may need
to meet, but don’t let that stop you. Just let them know you don’t meet them, but
include how you can contribute and usually the website manager will work with
5. Ask. You can also just ask the website manager. Send them an email asking if
they need any new contributors, and if they do, let them know you would like to
write for them. Make sure to include an article you’ve written already so they can
see your work. If they like your article, then they’ll being you aboard. And if they
say no. That’s ok too. You’ve at least made a connection, and the next time the
website manager needs a writer, they may ask you first before they put out an
open invitation.

In the end, you need to believe you have something worth saying, if you want to be a
writing contributor. Furthermore you need to be willing to make a commitment to writing
good, consistent articles on a regular basis. Website managers are taking a gamble
every time they take on a new person. They want someone who is willing to put forth
the effort to generate good content, and at the same time, someone who they believe is
trustworthy enough to help other ministers grow as disciples of Jesus Christ!

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