What resources do you use to stay organized?  

I love looking for new ways to make sure I stay on mission.  For my youth ministry to stay on track I need to use tools to help keep my ministry and the leaders on the same page.  Here are a few resources I am looking forward to using this year!  

Neu Year Calendar.  I just purchased their dry erase calendar.  I purchased one last year, and I absolutely loved it.  It is such an asset to have the whole year calendar on the wall.  The best part about this calendar is that it doesn’t look horrible.  It is the moleskine for calendars!  Enjoy.  I am waiting for my calendar to show up in the mail! 

Evernote.  Do you use evernote?  If you don’t, please look into it!  It will become your digital filling cabinet.  If you don’t know how to use evernote…trust me it is difficult to learn the full function of this online program.  The best way to understand it is to read Evernote Essentials.  I read this every few months for a refresher.

A Great Bible.  My Lead Pastor purchased me this Bible for Christmas.  I absolutely love it!  I wish I could purchase this Bible for everyone I know!  Ditch your student/xtreme Bible for something that is awesome.  

Things.   This is my favorite todo program and iphone app.  I love this app!  Cultured code who develops this app keeps updating it and making it even better.  I have stayed with this app for the past year, and  I am going to stick with it this year!  Make todo lists in the cloud so that you can get things done where ever you are.  

What else would you add to this list?  What do you use to stay organized?   


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