It has been very humbling to have seen this website grow into what it has become today.  I never imagined that over a year ago when I threw up this website to help a few friends communicate with teens online, that this website would be reaching people all over the world!


I love being able to network with youth pastors all over the world.  It has been a great adventure, and there are exciting times ahead!

Here are a few ways to help make youth ministry better with your support!  

1. Read, Share, and Comment on Posts!  The reason I write posts is to help you!  I enjoy writing, but at times it can be a grind.  This is where you come in to the picture.  Feel free to retweet a post, email a youth pastor who is struggling with using technology, or print off an ebook for a fellow youth pastor.

2. Advertise.  We have a few spots open on the website.  You can access info about the ads here.  You might want to know what we do with the money?  Well we are not getting rich off ads, and the goal is to put the money back into to make it the best site ever!  We have been in the past giving away books to the top 3 commentors, and we are going to start that back up!

3. Purchase things on amazon.  We are an amazon affiliate just like everyone else.  What that means is we make money off what you buy on amazon if you click through this Amazon link.  It would be awesome in the future to order books for the top commenters, and ship them to your house!

4. Pray.  I would appreciate your prayers as I think about, and prepare posts that would help youth workers communicate Christ in this digital world.  This is a whole new world for a lot of pastors, and I am realize how out of touch youth ministry is with this digital world, and the digital culture we find ourselves in.


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