Do you use hashtags?

The online dictionary defines a hashtag as, “(on social-networking websites) a word or phrase preceded by a hashmark (#), used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it: The hashtag #sandiego fire was used to help coordinate an emergency response to the fire.”  To be honest, I love that the dictionary has a definition for the word hashtag.  Essentially, a hashtag is just a way to put a keyword in a category.  This can be extremely helpful when trying to use keywords in order to promote an event or youth ministry.

This weeks infographic is called: The Power of the Hashtag.  It’s from the Huffington Post.  Here are few things that stand out from this infographic.

1. Can link people on the same topic.  Does your church have a unique hashtag?  Does your youth ministry?  This is one simple way of communicate with the masses.  It makes it easy to communicate with instagram and twitter.  Students, leaders, or parents can easily use the youth ministry hashtag to join the conversation.  This can be an easy way to reach students in your city in a social media world.

2. #don’t #hashtag #spam #people.  Honestly, we get it.  I get annoyed with people who over use a hashtag.  I wonder if students and young adults over use the hashtag in order to try to lure more followers.  It’s annoying when people use too many hashtags.  Use a few keywords that work with your youth ministry.  You could use things like #youthmin #stumin #event.  Those are just some ideas to get your started.

3. Be obvious and clear with your hashtag.  Make sure that when you start using a hashtag it’s easy to remember. Our youth ministry is one eighty youth ministry.  We use the hashtag #youth180.  It doesn’t have a ton of other posts from youth groups, and it will work great for my group.  We are working to brand this hashtag with our group.

Those are just a few things that stand out from this infographic on hashtags.  What else stands out to you? 


infographic on hashtags


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