Practice design, Not Decoration: Don’t just make pretty talking points. Instead, display information in a way that makes complex information clear. – Nancy Duarte

I have seen a ton of horrible presentations that don’t communicate what the presenter thinks he is presenting.  I remember sitting in seminary more time than not, and thinking to myself what is wrong with this presentation.  It really matters how you communicate today.  Your design and presentation needs to communicate one thing, not 2-3.

A few years ago, I was sitting in my home church that I grew up in, and the preacher blitzed through all 90 of his slides (yes, I did count them!) thinking that he was communicating a lot of information, but really he just communicated a bunch of random ideas.  It didn’t make any sense.

Lately, If I see a seminary professor who I enjoy, and his slides look terrible, I will offer to redo them so that he can communicate in an more effective way.

Working with students can be difficult, communicating to students is extremely hard.  Even the best communicators can struggle speaking to teenagers.  That is why you talk and slides need to be on point!  There are a few design elements that every communicator needs to have.

Here is an infographic called: 20 Most Important Design Principles Illustrated. It’s from a company called Canva.  You really should check them out.   If you aren’t great at programs like photoshop or illustrator, Canva is the program for you.

You should really download this infographic and post it on your wall.  The next time you are working on a slide or a promotional flyer, make sure to use a few of these design elements.



20 Design Elements infographic

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