Imagine that a student comes into your youth ministry for the very first time.

He has been invited by a friend who he plays soccer with and sits beside his friend.  During the announcements, you tell all the students about the youth ministry and one of the ways you communicate each week is by text messaging.  You are speaking his language.  He takes out his phone and texts the keyword (your youth ministry) to a number and boom, there is a notification on his phone that you are glad he is there, and that he is now in the loop for all information regarding the youth ministry.  Later that night when he is at home, he gets another text message for first-time guests that guides him to the Instagram, facebook, and twitter accounts.  The next week he gets another text message that invites him back.

Texting services are one of the best ways to communicate to teenagers.  They are always on their phones.  About 10 years ago, I started to use a texting service, and I couldn’t believe the success rate of a campaign.  It was 100%.  YES, EVERYONE READ IT.  It’s the one cruical way to message everyone what is going on each week, and other important information.  It has made a huge impact in my ministry, and I know that it would for yours.

We have recommended texting programs in the past.  We have found one of the best programs out there called Remind.  It’s the best free program on the market and will be probably forever.  You can read about Remind here.  If you want a texting program that allows you to edit everything and set up schedulers for new guests, or different events, then we have found the texting program for you.  It’s called Text in Church.

Here is what Text in Church offers. 

Follow-up Via Text Messages  – Easily build text messages (and email) right into your guest follow-up campaign.

Follow-up Templates – We provide proven templates that you can tweak to fit your context. Simply choose a campaign template and we’ll automatically create the messages for you.

Fully Customizable – Everything can be customized… So, you can decide when to send messages, what types of messages to send (email and/or text), how often to send messages and of course you control the content of each message.

Local Phone Number – We’ll set you up a local 10-digit phone number. No spammy short codes! Personal communication starts with a personal phone number.

45 Sec. Guest Follow-up – Simply enter your guests’ contact info and instantly schedule a series of follow-up emails and text messages. So that you know each guest will be followed up with every time.

2 Way Texting Messaging – Engage with folks via text messages. Let’s face it… text is the fastest and easiest way to reach folks.

To sum up Text in Church

The price isn’t crazy.  For a ton of these text message programs, the price is crazy.  Why is it so expensive, when Remind is free?  I am not a big fan of reminds auto response that you are the teacher for every sign-up.  It doesn’t look professional if that is something your church or community would care about.

The price is great, and it’s built for churches.  What is better than that?  Oh yeah, if you sign up through us, you will get 25% off.

Click here to sign up for Text in Church. 

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