I love twitter.  You can folow youth ministry media here, or my personal account here.  Setting up twitter for youth ministry media was easy.  I knew that I wanted to connect with youth pastors and help them communicate in a different/new way.  Setting up my own twitter account was difficult.  What was I supposed to tweet about?  Does anyone care what I ate for dinner?  But, the more I am on twitter, the more I realize it is all about community.  I love that twitter helps me build relationships.  I can’t wait to connect with you!  With all that said, here is a really interesting twitter infographic.  It looks at on average guys twitter accounts, and girls twitter accounts.
Here is one thing that stands out: 
Girls have double the followers!  This must be in correlation with the fact that they also tweet twice as much.  Girls typically follow more people that guys.
Do you use twitter?  Do you use it for ministry?  


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