Here is the weekly infographic.  We like to highlight a new infographic each week.  This one deals with the topic of video games and guys.  Here are a few things that stand out to me!


1. Guys spend 10,000 hours playing video games before 21.  According to Malcom Gladwell in his book outliers, these guys are masters of video games.  This is staggering.  I wonder what 10,000 hours broken down into each day would look like?  Also, how many hours would the average 21 year old Christian guy spend reading the Bible?

2. 90% of Children play video games.  Not surprising.  I would like to know what percentage of students are addicted to video games?  My youth ministry has been spending more time away from video games in the youth group because we want to encourage face to face relationships.

What stands out to you from this infographic?  How do you see video games ruining boys today? 

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