We are back with our weekly infographic.  It’s always great to get an infographic that shows how technology is impacting us.  A lot of times it is negative, but there is always a chance to redeem media for use in the Kingdom.  Here is the question of the week.  Does technology impact you and your sleep patterns?  

Here are a few things that stand out to me from this infographic on technology messing with your sleep!

The shift from tv to computers/smartphones.  This is pretty obvious, but 65% of boomers watch tv an hour before bed.  Where 56% of generation z text and use their cellphones before bed.  This is another reason to have a great texting plan.  You can look at tatango as a texting service.  We reviewed the program in a post called: The Best Texting Program for Youth Ministry

What else stands out to you? Leave a comment below! 



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