We live in a digital world.  Stop and think about how social media is changing you and the ministry you are serving in.  How is social media changing the teens and their culture?  Churches today need a manual for social media.  The concept of an online community is foreign to most.  This infographic is a look at how to train employees to handle social media.  I think the same infographic could apply to churches.

Here are a few things that stood out to me:

Training happens in groups.  Don’t ever hire someone to train your staff who will give you a one-sized fits all boot camp on social media.  Trust me it won’t work.  Someone who is in their 20’s needs to be trained on the pitfalls of social media, where as someone in their 50’s needs to understand twitter, and how to be effective on it to communicate.  Groups need to be divided.

Policy, policy and more policy.  I did get a comment last week about my social media policy for my church.  It is very open, and as I think about it possibly too open.  A great policy will protect you and your volunteer works from getting into potentially disasterous situations.

Allow it.  There is no point in fighting social media.  It is here to stay!  It will never replace real community, but it defiantly extends it and this is why your church and youth ministry needs to embrace it.


What stands out to you?  Please leave a comment below.  





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