Today we have a bonus infographic on managing millennials in the workplace.  I think corporations have had to adjust in order to retain millennials, and churches will need to learn effective ways to keep younger pastors, and youth workers.  I don’t know about you, but I have friends who don’t fit into churches not because of the church, but because of the leaders leading…or not leading.

Here are a few ways to keep millennials on your staff team:

1.   Work makes life better.  Look below at the generational differences and you will see what is important to this younger generation.  Vacation time is valuable, and so are friends.  Work is a place that makes their life better.  Does your working environment make your life better?

2.  Room for personal growth.  65% of millennials said that the opportunity for personal development was the most influential factor in their current job.  Millennials want room to grow.  They realize that you and this job could make them the best youth worker.  How are you being developed?  Is there room to grow for you in your church?

3.  Millennials could manage your social media.  This generation will write online reviews, build websites, and help build a digital brand if you ask them.  How are you using this digital generation for your church/youth ministry?


What else from this infographic stands out to you about the millennials in the workplace?  Please comment below?  


This infographic was provide by  Thanks Harrison!

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