Generation y is just another term for the Millennials.  Here is another interesting infographic about the Millennials and facebook.  Why isn’t your youth ministry on facebook yet?
Here are a few things that stand out to me. 
1. 80% of Millennials post at least one school on their facebook profile.  I guess this generation isn’t the dumbest generation to have walked the earth.  This generation is intellectual, and are more likely to go for post grad studies.
2.  10% have worked for a fortune 500 company.  They want to work for the best, and learn from the best.  This generation isn’t willing to settle.
3. Average work friends: 16.  This generation more than any other generation longs for community and relationships in all things.  Work is a place where relationships grow, and flourish.  This generation won’t settle for lousy relationships at work.
What stands out for you?  Please comment below.    

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