Effectively communicating in youth ministry today looks different than it did 5 years.  With the rise of social media networks like facebook, twitter, pinterest, and many more, communication strategies have changed and need to be constantly adapted.  Here is this weeks infographic on social media and what demographics use it.
Here are a few things that stand out:
1.  Women dominate social networks.  Just look at the infographic below to see that 54% of women make up the facebook audience.  One idea that stands out is, why not get a women in your ministry to manage all your social networks.
2. The young dominate social networks.  For facebook and twitter the largest group that makes up the network is 44 and under.   Actually this age group dominates 75% of the facebook and twitter users.   That is one staggering statistic.  This is one great communication method of people under the age of 44.  One thing that this infographic doesn’t share is how often each age group is on facebook or twitter.
What stands out to you from this infographic? 


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