Here is the latest infographic on twitter 2012.  We have written articles in the past on how to use twitter.  One popular post worth taking a look at is, 3 ways your Youth Ministry can use twitter.
Does your youth ministry use twitter?  If you do here are a few things that stand out from this infographic.
1. 175 million tweets per day!   What a great way to stay connected to the teens or parents you work with.  I have a youth ministry twitter account that is ready to go, and isn’t being used because I don’t have tons of students yet on twitter.  I think this fall I will launch it with a hashtag.
2. Creating a retweet factor.   92% of people will retweet interesting content.  If you find an article online about parenting retweet it!  Share great content on twitter!
3.  Ad people.  Don’t just follow everyone back.  Follow the people you are connected with, or people’s who content you want to retweet!
Do you use twitter?  How do you use it for ministry?  


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