This week’s infographic is all about parents.  It’s all about helping parents setting up parental controls in order to protect their kids.  I think more youth workers need to partner with parents in order to help them become more social media savvy.  Here are a few things that stand out from this infographic on parental controls: 
1. 60% of parents who have not used parental controls say controls are not necessary to use because they have put rules or limits in place regarding internet use.  This was stated in the infographic, and I wonder if parents really know what their kids are posting online.  This is where partnership in youth ministry is crucial.  I am for the whole family, not just the teenager.  This has meant in the past that I have asked a teenager to share with their parent everything they post online, or I would.
2.  75% of parents set rules or limits for the amount of time they spend online.  This is awesome.  I was really encouraged by this stat.  I just read an article from mashable on how smart phones are now become an actual addiction.  How many parents in your church set up limits to control their teens time online?
It is really encouraging to see that parents are parenting their kids online.  Do you help the parents in your church become online savvy?  How?


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