Here is an infographic on twitter.  I know you might not be using twitter, or have students currently on twitter, but guaranteed in the next 3 years twitter will be the next big thing.  Why is that?  Because younger adults are the driving force behind this.  I have also noticed a lot of my Senior Highers gravitating to Twitter.  If you don’t have a strategy for twitter make sure to check out my series on social media, Developing a Social Media Strategy.

Here are a few observations: 

1. The majority of the users are under the age of 50.  The largest group of users are under the age of 30.  What does this say about leaders over the age of 50?  Do you have leaders in your church who think this is going to be a fad?

2. 24% of the users use it multiple times a day.  Are you building community on twitter?


What observations do you see?  Please leave your comment below! 

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