How To Create A Hipster Logo [infographic]

by admin September 10, 2014   infographics

Do you have a logo?  Have you created a logo in the past year?

I just rebranded our youth ministry based on this logo down below.  We switched from a consistent look, to a logo.  With the new logo that we created, I am hoping that we will get more exposure in town with the students that we are trying to reach.

Here is our logo:



I will release a logo guide on friday that you can fully edit on your own.  One program you will need to edit your logo is adobe illustrator.  Go and get it for free for 30 days here.


Here are a few elements that every logo needs from this infographic from hipster

1.  Badges are in.   You need to make a logo that is a badge.  Not only does a badge look clean, it can easily communicate what or where your youth ministry is.

2. Font always matters.   If there was one design element that mattered the most, it is picking the right font.  The best place to start is lost type.  They have the nicest font, and it is all by donation.  I have been using a font lately called gotham, but it is expensive.  What other fonts do you use?

Logos matter more that you think, and that is why it is important to spend some time making one for your youth ministry.  If you have no idea where to start, I will be releasing a vectorized logo making tool that you can throw into adobe illustrator and add elements that you want.  One thing you will need before you attempt a logo is a great font.  Go and pick one at lost type.  Once you do, that you will be ready to download the logo file on friday.

What logo do you use for youth ministry?  What elements do you like in a logo?  Leave a comment below.  

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