Did you purchase anything on black friday?  No, what about cyber monday?  It feels like in the past few days we have been turned into shopping carnivores, and the device that we hold onto called a smartphone or iphone doesn’t make life easier.  Over the past few days I have checked out tons of sales that were emailed to me, and I was able to pull up some of the sites and actually purchase a patagonia jacket for a killer deal.

This weeks infographic deals with mobile shopping.   It is not surprising that almost all of the students I work with have a cell phone.  A lot of the students  I work with have an iphone 4, or 4s.  I am always looking a ways to improve the way we communicate to teens online, and over their mobile phones.

Here are a few things that stand out to me: 

1. The most popular purchase on a smart phone are books or magazines.  This really surprised me.  It led me to the question: How can I get my students to read christian books, or even read their Bibles.  I am going to look into getting digital copies of relevant magazine for youth group prizes and include download codes.

2. Consumer spending to reach $327 billion by 2016 online.  Wow.  That amazes me.  I keep wondering how Christ could redeem this?  I think we need to look at Christmas as a way to get closer to a God who became flesh than about buying stupid stuff that we wont use in 6 months.

What stands out to you?  Leave a comment below! 

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