Are you noticing more socially awkward teens in your youth ministry?  How about everywhere?

Here is an interesting infographic on social media and how our behaviour is changing because of it.  I personally think we are becoming weak at relating to people face to face.  I use social media as a way to get face to face conversations.

Here are a few observations: 

1. 24% of people missed important moments because of social media.  This is surprising and makes me wonder if we are actually dealing with a social media addiction.  Social media extends the conversation, and it doesn’t replace the important moments in life.

2. 43% of 18-24 year olds schedule events on social media.  Do you read that right?  If you did, make sure to go and build a facebook page to help the teens plan their events around the youth ministries schedule.  We need to use facebook, twitter, and instagram well to help teens plan to be at youth events, or nights.  Check out our post titled, Timeline for Facebook Pages: The Almost Complete Guide.

What else stands out to you from the infographic below? 

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