Here is our weekly infographic.  This week we are looking at facebook, and asking the question: is your child a facebook wild child? This infographic is from zone alarm.

Do you ever wonder what some of your students are doing online late at night.  Teenagers today don’t need to be at a computer to be online, or on any social media platform.  All they need is a phone, or an ipod.  They can access facebook anytime they want.  They are connected 24/7.  This online connection can become dangerous.

Here are a few things that stand out as a youth pastor: 

1. 23% of children (age 10-15) are online after midnight.  That to me is alarming.  My guess is that parents have no clue, and have no idea how to help their kids in a digital world.  How about giving their phones in before bed?  How about setting your router to turn off at a certain time each night?  I feel as a youth pastor I need to help parents with this.  I need to help parents navigate the digital world with their students.

2. 20% are being cyberbullied.  This is the freakest one for me.  The more I think about a digital world, the more I get nervous about the esteem of students.  All it takes is one bully to destroy a child.  We are talking about kids aged 10-15.  They don’t need to be bullied online.  One thing I always recommend to parents is to have access to their kids facebook/phone, and to be checking bi-monthly.  It is a great way to catch weird stuff.  And if someone is bullying their child they can at least get to it before someone could get really hurt.


What else stands out from this infographic?  Leave a comment below. 

Is Your Child a Facebook Wild Child?

Is Your Child a Facebook Wild Child?

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