I heard Judah Smith two years ago at a catalyst one day in Seattle.  I was surprised to hear Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel back him.  They talked about this Pastors kid who started as a janitor at his church and now was the Lead Pastor.  It was and is an incredible story.  Judah Smith is passionate about Jesus, and the church and that is exciting to see today.  His book, Life Is _____.: God’s Illogical Love Will Change Your Existence, is worth buying and reading.  Actually, it’s worth giving away as gifts to every single student leader, adult leader, grad, or young adult that you work with.  This book is great.

Judah Smith hammers on four points in this book Life Is _____.

– Life is to be loved and to love.

– Life is to trust God in every moment.

– Life is to be at peace with God and yourself.

– Life is to enjoy God.

Judah Smith has a conversational style in his writing that makes this book easy to read, and approachable for students and young adults.  He does a great job hitting a main point, and then reinforcing it with stories.  Reading this book in the airport on the way to catalyst west really prepared me for what God had in store for me at catalyst.

His last book, Jesus Is: Find a New Way to Be Human, quickly became a New York Times Best Seller.  This book will also sell a ton of copies.  Judah Smith isn’t just a great writer, he is an amazing speaker.  He is worth listening to on his podcast.

What I respect about Judah Smith is that he is passionate about Jesus, and loves the church.  He is an amazing leader that has attracted starts from all over the world.  His book, Life Is _____.: God’s Illogical Love Will Change Your Existence, is worth checking out, and giving a few copies to your students, leaders and grads.

Top Quotes from Life is __________. 

“We need the joy of our salvation most when we feel like we deserve it the least.”

The answer to our frequent identity crises is not first and foremost focusing on who we are, but focusing on who God is. God is essentially saying, “Moses, I’ve got you covered. I am here. I am available. I have all the supply and surplus you could ever need. I am self-existent. I have no beginning and no end. I just am.” That changes everything. When Jesus says to Martha, “I am the resurrection and the life,” he is reminding her that he is all she really needs. In her grief and desperation, Jesus is the answer. His “I am” is more than enough for her “I need.”

” Wherever ou look on the time line of humanity, God is present and active.  He isn’t just a memory from the past or a promise for the future: he’s a real-time, present-day God.”

“Life with God is a loving relationship.  It’s not a job description or a business deal.  It’s not a school assignment or a sports contract.  We can’t reduce it to a list of do’s or don’ts.  We just experience him.  We grow closer to him.  We learn to be aware of his presence, to appreciate his companionship, to share the joy he feels about our lives.”

“Working in God’s field, by the way, is not meant to be a metaphor for how hard it is to follow God. Jesus is actually saying the opposite: that following God is about his generosity and grace, not about what we do or don’t do. It is a joy to follow God. It is rewarding to obey him. His goodness toward us is far beyond anything we could earn or deserve. We relate to God according to his rich measures of grace and generosity. We don’t have to worry about whether we measure up or whether we are working hard enough to please him. We don’t have to stress out about the future. We don’t have to waste our energy envying other people. We can simply enjoy God and trust God and love God. By the way, this will completely change the way we relate to others. It will make for great friendships. When we trust God to give us what is right, we can celebrate the good things God does for other people. That’s where we really begin to enjoy life. Instead of complaining that you got a cat and Bill got an Escalade, take your cat over for a ride in Bill’s Escalade.”

Go and buy Life Is _____.: God’s Illogical Love Will Change Your Existence on amazon.

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