Do you have students in your youth ministry with ADHD or ADD?


I bet you have some students in your youth ministry right now who could be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.  In the first chapter Dr. Jason Whitehurst states, “In understanding Add, it is noteworthy to have knowledge the numbers behind the disease.  ADHD is more common than most doctors may have previously believe, according to a new study from the Mayo Clinic.  Roughly 5 to 8 percent fo Americans have been diagnosed with ADD.  ADHD or ADD is one of the best documented developmental problems in children.”  Right now you have students in your youth ministry with ADD or ADHD, and you could tweak a few things in order to effectively communicate, and connect in a meaningful way.  Dr. Jason Whitehurst does a great job in this book outlining the problem that we are facing today with students with ADD or ADHD.  The author also goes on to how we can specifically reach these students.

Things I loved about this book:  

1. I love the price of this book.  At $2.99 on amazon how could you go wrong.  The chapters on how to preach effectively to those with ADD or ADHD, and counseling effectively those with ADD and ADHD is worth the $2.99.  This is a helpful book for any youth worker.

2.  The author helps the reader understand how to preach to those with ADD and ADHD.  I loved chapter 3 of this book.  The author lines out the need to use pitch control with your message, adding elements of multimedia, passion, and simplicity.   I know that those things sound really obvious, but I have heard some horrible youth messages in my day(probably have delivered most of them!) and as youth workers we need to know our audience, and adapt our message to the context.  I personally think every youth worker should read this chapter on how to preach to people with ADD or ADHD.

3. Counseling students with ADD or ADHD.  Dr. Jason Whitehurst states the importance of counseling students with ADD or ADHD, and how this will lead to other coexisting issues.  He states, “A person with ADD is six times more likely to have another disorder that most other people.”  It is crucial for me to understand the issues when faced with a student who is struggling to focus, or on a youth group night is being disruptive because of their issue.  This chapter was enlightening to the complexities of the adolescent brain, and the need for understanding of people with ADD or ADHD.


What I didn’t like about the book: 

1. The author did too much to explain each topic.  I think this would be helpful for youth workers who are in their first two years of Ministry or Bible School, but for me this was just too basic.  There were only a few instances of this in this book.  The author kept the chapters short and sweet.


This is one book I read while I was in Bible College or Seminary.  I have read books on eating disorders, and cutting, but never a book on ADD or ADHD.  I personally find this alarming especially when 5-8 percent of the population in America is diagnosed with this condition.  This is a quick read, and worth picking up on amazon!  I am going to give a few of these books away next week.



Pick up May I Have Your Attention Please? Ministering to Those with ADD/ADHD in a Distracted World on amazon today! 

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