Do you mentor students?  

I have been around youth ministry for almost 10 years and it always surprises me how many youth pastors don’t spend time with students.  Actually, I have met youth pastors who hate what they do, and are only using a position in order to climb the church ladder.  I think these leaders are not called to ministry, and lack calling and conviction.

If you love hanging out with students, and are looking for a resource for mentoring this book, Mentoring Servant Leaders from Leaders Trek, is for you.

Here is the write up from their website: 

Life is a journey, a road we all travel. But God intends for us to walk the road with other people who will come alongside of us, provide direction and wisdom, encourage us to stay on course, challenge us to push ourselves, and hold us accountable.

Mentoring Servant Leaders is designed to be used with little or no advance preparation on either person’s part. We recommend that the mentor and mentee set a regular time and place to meet for about one hour.

  • The first and last session deal with the Life Map
  • The other 5 sessions each focus on a specific topic that has applications to life and helps mentees take the next steps on their journey in a way that honors God. These sessions require no preparation and are designed to be done during your time together. You will need to bring a Bible.

Each session in the Mentee Journal contains:

  • An introduction of the topic
  • A relevant Scripture passage to read together and questions to discuss
  • An opportunity to discover how the topic and biblical truth intersect with the mentee’s life
  • A specific application of the topic to the mentee’s life
  • A prayer focus and a Scripture to memorize or meditate on

Things I love about Mentoring Servant Leaders

1. The material is solid.  The whole package is great.  The design looks good, the Biblical references are solid, and it actually helps a student set goals for the kingdom and accomplish them.

2. It is simple, and easy to use.  Some resources I have used in the past that I have had to download are confusing to use, and the mentor material doesn’t correspond well with the mentee guide.  This is exactly the opposite.  The guide for both the mentor, and mentee are awesome, and easy to use.

Things I didn’t love about Mentoring Servant Leaders

1. The cost.  $14 dollars for both booklets seems steep.  If you have a great youth ministry budget, you won’t have to worry.  Each mentee book after the initial $14 is only $8, but that is still a lot.  If you are mentoring a lot of students that will add up quickly.  I would rather spend $50 for the digital copy.


What do you use to mentor students?  I am always looking for new resources.  Do you ever use leader treks material?   

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