Do you play games in your youth ministry? If you play one game up front each week, it might be as simple as turning on your apple tv and letting students play a crowd game.

Games create an environment of excitement and allow people to become comfortable in a church environment where they might not.

The Apple Tv is a must have resource. We play games on this device all the time. We have it connected to the projector in our auditorium and connected to the tv in our lobby. This way we can play a game as a huge group (100+), or as a smaller group(20-30) in the lobby as they wait for youth to start.

To purchase an Apple TV go to apple and you can buy one refurbished for $129. That is a great deal for a device that you could use weekly in your ministry.

Some of the games that we play on the Apple TV are:

Jackbox Games Party Pack 3 ($24.99). This pack of games is exceptional. You can play party games with 8 people connected to their phones, and up to 100 people in the audience. This game is a blast, and we play this in the front of the night with a large group. The best part is that people can join at any time and vote.

Notes (Free). We use the notes app to make a Pictionary game on the main screen for an upfront game.

Any popular iOS game of the month. Check back to our postings of games that we regularly play on the Apple TV. Students might be great at a game, but when you are playing the game upfront in front of a crowd, things are different. It adds an extra element to the upfront games.

Check out an Apple TV for your youth ministry. If you don’t have the money budgeted this year for it, find someone who has one and at least borrow if for a week to try it out.

It’s a simple way to create a fun environment for your students.

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