5 iphone apps that you need for youth ministry

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Some of this post originally appeared on Mashable.com.  “According to a new report from RingCentral, 34% of small business users surveyed said that they use their smartphone more than their computer to conduct business. That may sound crazy, but think about it — a high-end smartphone is about as powerful as a desktop or laptop computer that many of us had in our offices about six or seven years ago. Plus, a smartphone brings instant access to the Internet no matter where you are. However, thanks to the iPhoneiPhone and the rise of app stores, it’s mobile applications that can really help turn a smartphone into a workstation on the go.”

Youth Pastors need to be out of the office.  Our lives are going from meeting to meeting, from working on a talk for the week to designing a poster for the next series.  Our lives are increasingly going digital whether you like it or not.  Here are 5 simple apps that have helped me in youth ministry.  Enjoy.

1.  You Version (free)

If I am going to have a site for youth pastors I think the first app needs to be You Version.  It is amazing.  I can read my bible on my iphone anywhere in any version.  This app also comes with a bible reading plan that has been helpful for me.  Nothing feels more rewarding than checking off the reading for the day.

This is a free app for iphone users or blackberry users.  If you don’t have a smart phone, just go online to youversion.com and do your reading online.  Every time I use this app I still can’t get over the fact that it is free!

2. Evernote (free)

If you haven’t ever tried Evernote, sign up for a basic account and see how it fits into your workflow. Evernote lets you capture notes and images with your iPhone’s camera, tag documents and notes on your desktop and then stores it all in the cloud so that it is accessible anywhere. It’s searchable and it’s flexible, which makes it the perfect catch-all productivity tool any youth pastor.

3. Pastebot ($2.99)

Pastebot is what I call a Swiss knife application — that is, it can do all kinds of other things beyond its primary purpose. The simple description is that Pastebot is a clipboard manager for your iPhone or iPod touch. It saves a history of text, photos, links and other information that you copy on your iPhone so that it can be accessed later and either pasted into other applications or in the case of photos, saved to your photo library.

However, Pastebot goes beyond just acting as a clipboard history tool. You can also use it to organize certain clippings or text excerpts, search across folders or collections, apply filters to text — like convert to lowercase, wrap in HTML tags, create quotes, find and replace, and more. Then you can e-mail or save back those changes to others or easily paste them into an application.

For Mac users, Pastebot has a free companion app called Pastebot Sync that lets you copy assets from your iPhone directly to your Mac and vice versa. This is incredibly useful when doing data entry. I’ve even seen companies use Pastebot to quickly input content during product demonstrations, just because it’s so much faster than trying to keep data on all computers.

If you are out of office and you come across a great story or article online you can copy it for later and then add it into your talk later that day.

4. iTeleport Jaadu VNC ($24.99)

If you are the type of person that really needs to access your Mac or PC from the road, check out the Jaadu series of VNC apps. At $24.99, Jaadu VNC (now called iTeleport) isn’t cheap, but in terms of actual performance, it’s tops. While I’ve also had success with ezShare Pro ($15.99) app, in terms of performance and consistency with multiple types of computers, iTeleport remains the stand-out leader.

This app is pricy, but you will never need to be in the office ever again!

5. Flight Control ($.99)

Sometimes you just need to have fun.  This is my all time favorite game on the iphone.  Trust me, you will play this game nonstop and then leave it for awhile only to pick it up and be addicted all over again.

Do you have any favorite apps? please share!

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